With right technologies in place, we can aim to reduce operational expenses remarkably

Capricorn logistics has an in-house software team that continuously strives to improve the software suitable to our key customers. A pioneering concept of interactive LIVE SMS update where in you receive programmed updates of all the milestones of the shipment.
A customer at point of time can send an SMS to 57333 and get a feed back of the shipment status.
In house software CAPLOG caters all the needs of e-reporting with inter-connection to our all the branches. These systems also help in reducing the lead time and facilitate express distribution, reduce manual errors, and enables enterprises set-up lean structure for efficient working models. We are EDI connected with all our customers

** Currently LIVE SMS is only available for Custom clearance services

Quality Policy

At Capricorn, we believe everything is possible

Our perseverant, focused, and agile team continuously strives to raise the bar through identifying areas that need improvement, designing innovative solutions, mapping the process thoroughly, setting up systems to support the processes and ensure consistent results. Our regular and structured customer-feedback process gives us a 360-degree view of customer expectations and trends which help us build our capabilities around their changing requirements.

Our periodic carrier-performance evaluation helps us drive the costs down and improve transit times. Our robust and time–tested tracing and tracking system gives customers complete visibility of the shipment throughout the transit. All these ensure a quality–driven approach which, in turn, leads to better and improved performance consistently.

Tailor made Solutions

We completely and minutely assess our clients’ requirements and objectives, and present what is specifically suitable for them

We understand that each customer is different and so are her requirements. We listen to our customers and engage with them closely.

Our team goes under the hood of our client’s needs and performs like an extended arm of the client’s own team.

Environmental friendly

We are conscious of the fact that our business goals have to support and enrich the environment

Our sustainability activities are an integral part of our logistics management. We think of the environmental issues from the point of view of our customers, suppliers and employees. Our future plan is to reduce our carbon footprint by starting to equip our warehouses with solar panels.

Powering Logistics

We love to solve logistical challenges because they help us customize our services to give you the best and the most enduring solution. Reach us now with your logistical needs.