Venkatesam B

Before joining CLPL family, I was working in a small private company in Accounts Dept. as a Jr. Accountant from 2002 to 2007, I gained good experience there, and at Fourth year of my stint at the company I requested the Management to change my profile since I started gaining interest in Export & Import. But management refused to give a chance due to my lack of experience. Later when I got a chance, soon the business had to be shut down due to management issues.

I was facing a lot of difficulties while searching a job in Export & Import back then, since I had negligible experience in the field.

Luckily I got a chance at Capricorn family in Sea import console dept. as a Jr. Executive on 01.01.2008 [at the time of joining I had ZERO knowledge about the same], then in a month’s time I proved my ability to learn quick and had become proficient in sea import console. My hard work was recognized by the management and I was promoted and it’s my 6th successful year with Capricorn family. In 2011, I was honored with Best Employee Award which is an important milestone for me.

I’ve learnt a lot from CLPL family – be it punctuality or office etiquettes.

I am being very honest I didn’t even know proper English to start with, I learned how to write a mail and how to speak with a customer, all supported me to improve my skills at CLPL family.

The 7 C’s that I believe is important for being successful are:

  • C –Clarity
  • C- Complete
  • C- Concise
  • C- Consistent
  • C- Confidence of Delivery
  • C- Courteous
  • C- Coherence

Naveen Taneja

I am Naveen Taneja; Before Capricorn I was working with a renowned company as a marketing executive and worked there 1.5 years.
In the year 2006 I joined Capricorn as an operation executive and then My potentials for being in sales was identified by the seniors and offered me to switch to sales department which was turning point in my life and career, I accepted the proposal… and joined as marketing &