National Safety Week

The National Safety Week is widely observed all over the country from 4th to 11th March every year. The main objective of this week is to create awareness of safety at workplace amongst the employees in trade and industry and also the public in general.

The National Safety Week was a big affair at our Verna warehouse in Goa. The Goa team observed the Safety week with full participation and interest. The first day was marked by taking the Safety Oath by all the employees of the warehouse. Various events were planned for the warehouse staff for second day, special lecture on how to use Fire extinguisher in case of emergency was given to all the employees. Along with this, they were explained various safety rules with the help of interesting posters. Third day was dedicated to lecture with demonstration on Housekeeping and Cleanliness in the warehouse. The lecture was fruitful in increasing the basic knowledge about the hygiene at work place and related health issues. On fourth day, training on Material Handling and Lifting was given to the loaders of the warehouse. They were educated on how to handle lifting machines and proper methods for material handling. A small mock drill was arranged on fifth day on live fire and basic to do’s were explained to all the warehouse employees. The whole safety week was observed with full zest and was thoroughly enjoyed by all the employees.