Capricorn Logistics granted Class A License in Shanghai, China

Capricorn Logistics, one of the leading Logistics and Supply Chain Service Providers was recently granted the Class A License by the Ministry of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation (MOFTEC) in Shanghai to operate as an International Freight Forwarder in the People’s Republic of China (PRC). Capricorn Logistics already offers extensive coverage in China via its representative offices and full-fledged operations in Shenzhen and Hong Kong since 2008. Now, the Class A License will enable Capricorn to operate even more efficiently as a local logistics provider by controlling and managing all the logistics processes and activities within China that previously had to be outsourced to other local parties.

With the Class A License, Capricorn Logistics (Shanghai) Ltd will now be able to provide International Freight Forwarding (air, sea and land transportation) and other logistics and SCM services such as warehousing/3PL/4PL, packaging, distribution consolidation, customs clearance/ brokerage etc in China directly to its customers. Thus, Capricorn is better poised to strengthen its Asia-Pacific network and to reach out to its customers by leveraging the advantage of local knowledge and providing the best possible service coupled with highest level of supply chain expertise.

As Mr. Sheetal Shetty, Group Managing Director – Capricorn Logistics puts it, Acquiring the Class A License in China reinforces Capricorn’s ability to fulfill the clients local logistics requirements through its well-established global network and its dedicated service.He also added, This license will establish Capricorn as one of the few Indian logistics entities with their own operational network in China, one of the largest economies of the world. The China organization of Capricorn will also help increase traffic to its North American, Germany and UAE counterparts. It truly is an important step towards Capricorn’s aim to have its own global network.

China, fondly called the Great New Market, is one of those commercially lucrative hubs where the multinationals, small-size and mid-size firms alike from all over the world are making a beeline to for their businesses. And at present, Shanghai with its developed infrastructure, transparent business environment and favorable business policies, is the real Gateway to China.

Thus, while everyone around the world is rallying to try and get on board the China Express, Capricorn has already established a cutting edge over its competitors with the Class A License and its newly-opened registered office in Shanghai, China!