Capricorn Logistics Goa Conference 2010

Capricorn Logistics, leading providers of integrated logistics solutions recently had its Conference in Goa. The Conference took place at Cidade de Goa Resort on 11th June 2010.

The main highlight of the Conference was the establishment of new Vision and Mission of Capricorn Logistics because of its growing business in global markets. Capricorn Logistics is not just an ordinary logistics provider but one which delivers logistics solutions with certainty. Capricorn Logistics has the perfect blend of people with excellent logistics expertise and huge network that enables them to bestow clients the services that they desire. The Conference was attended by all the senior members from the management. It also had management teams flying down from China, UAE, USA and Germany. Besides providing best suited logistics solutions to clients, they will also concentrate in generation of new business not only in India but also beyond Indian boundaries. Another important feature of the conference was how Capricorn Logistics will enhance their strong network relation across India and aboard through focusing on its vision and mission by providing innovative and cost effective solutions.

Capricorn Logistics have extensive network of 30 offices and 26 warehouses across India and 12 International offices.