Companies engaged in global trade face a maze of complex trade regulations and tough competition. Today, the efficient and strategic integration of import and export processes into overall business goals, tax planning and supply chain management is crucial to every multinational company’s success in the marketplace. Non-compliance can mean shipment delays, increased inspections, fines and other administrative penalties.

We are FCPA Compliant:

  • Every custom clearance staff goes through a FCPA training advising the Do’s and Don’ts.
  • All employees have to sign a notarized undertaking of adhering to FCPA.

We have appointed a third party Security Agency who will periodically monitor our Customs staff to ensure that they do not indulge in any nefarious activity or in any Customs Bribing. They will be giving us a monthly report of their findings. This will be shared with Customers.
We are looking to appoint third party agency Customs Consultancy Agency who will be looking at our processes and also advising us the necessary changes.
We have signed a arrangement for dedicated Phone Line which will be recorded at all times for our incoming customer service calls. This will ensure more efficiency, better control and would also encourage a more professional approach form our team. These calls will be monitored and also analyzed our Senior Team and based on the same we will ensure corrections to responses in terms of behavior, knowledge and general etiquettes.
All our Customs Staff have signed the Code of Conduct document, which is attached herewith. As advised we are in the process of incorporating an additional clause where in case they violate the code of conduct we Capricorn Logistics Pvt. Ltd reserve the right to prosecute them on criminal breach of trust and cheating.
Any new appointees for customs operations will sign the code of conduct and they will be given training on the code of conduct and our compliance policies of Zero tolerance during their induction.